Tamil Numerology Chart

The Chaldean Numerology System

Tamil Numerology Chart is a numerology chart that gives you the English alphabet number and the planet of that number. You can find the numerological number of a Tamil name by calculating it using this numerology chart.

This Numerology Chart is a Chaldean Numerology Chart. This chart gives numerical value 1 to 8 to the English alphabets A to Z. Every number comes under the purview/domination of a planet meant for that number. This is how the character of the name is set.

This numerology chart gives numbers and letters to eight planets except Mars. The eight planets are numbered as Sun 1, Moon 2, Guru 3, Rahu 4, Mercury 5, Venus 6, Kethu 7 and Saturn 8. With this you can find out the numerological number of a name and the planet belonging to that number.

So those who choose the Tamil name according to the numerology method might use this Numerology Chart to calculate and find the numerological number of the name chosen and also know the respective planet of that number. So this chart will be very useful for those who choose Tamil name according to Numerology.

Numerology LETTERS Planet
1 A I J Q Y Sun
2 B K RMoon
3 C G L SJupiter
4 D M TRahu
5 E H N XRahu
6 U V WRahu
7 O ZKethu
8 F PSaturn
9 -Mars