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Rishima Name Meaning in Tamil

Baby Girl

ரிஷிமா தமிழ் பெயர் அர்த்தம்

Name Meaning in Tamil

நிலவின் கதிர்கள்

Name Meaning in English

The rays of the moon

R Letter Characteristics


Those who bear the English alphabet R as the first letter of their names are the ones who are compassionate and kind in their hearts. Thus, they will be the ones who can captivate the minds of others. They are people who think they have to be the best & perfect in everything. And they are of appreciable self-confidence. They will be known for their management skills and in understanding the feelings, emotions and intentions of others. Higher-ups will be impressed by their excellent persona in the workplace. They will be in search of calmness in personal life and who wish to lead a peaceful life.

Rishima Name Numerology


People whose name summation is 8 as per their name are ruled by Lord Saturn. Number 8 in Numerology represents the planet Saturn. People who believe hard work only can assure success and progress in life belong to this number and they all progress by hard work. These people achieve their ideal of success through their lofty ideals, sharp intellect and gradual progress. The adage "Poruthar Bhumi Aalwar" (The patient will rule the planet) applies perfectly to them. These are the people who endure hardships in life and work hard. Being hard workers, they would be righteous, follow a justful path and be devotional to God. They would attain amazing progress in the latter part of their lives than in the earlier part of it.

People of number 8 are hardworking people with higher ambitions. This makes them the popular persons in society. They would be very kind to the poor and downtrodden. They would always extend a helping hand to the poor and would do the maximum they could. They would also forget not those who helped them. And they would be endowed with deep, intense qualities and an individuality. They are averse to self-promotion. They will have fewer friends. Mostly, they would prefer to be alone and would be seriously pondering over. They are very reluctant to ask help from others. They would not share their troubles and issues with others. If they win, it will be a huge win, and if they lose, it will be a huge defeat. They will have great respect for parents and elders. They would be comfortable and contented only when they do their work all by themselves. With all their serious efforts and hard work, they will overcome many obstacles in life and achieve success.

People of number 8 are the ever-blessed ones by God. They excel in the fields of law, engineering, politics, philosophy and history. They will occupy positions like judge, engineer, political leader, minister, preacher. If Lord Saturn is placed well and favourable in their horoscope, they will rise to high positions society and will get fair chances of becoming great leaders.

Planet Saturn Characteristics


Saturn(Shani Bhagvan) is causative lord of life. A person with a dark complexion, a gaseous heavenly body. He is the son of Sun and Saya Devi. Reigns well in the zodiac Capricorn and Aquarius, and reaches its pinnacle in Libra, and becomes null in Aries. Poosam, Anusham and Uttaratathi Nakshatras are under the spell of Saturn. Mercury and Venus are friendly planets to Lord Saturn. Jupiter, North & South nodes are considered equal planets. Sun, Moon and Mars are inimical planets to Saturn.

Saturn is the causative lord of life, night, hard work, slavery, imprisonment, state punishment, shame, suffering, debt, charity, science, intelligentsia, agriculture, mining, judiciary, leader of the country, Schizophrenia , depression, diseases related to paralysis. People with predominance of Saturn are the ones who overcome all obstacles in life and become successful. Would observe temperance, justice and honesty. They are hard workers and will excel in judicial and political fields. Saturn belongs to number 8 in Numerology. According to numerology, people born on 8th, 17th and 26th are ruled by Saturn.

Name in EnglishRishima
Name in Tamilரிஷிமா
First Letter in EnglishR
First Letter in Tamilரி
Hindu Name TypeCommon
Star Chithirai / சித்திரை
Numerology Total17
Ruling PlanetSaturn / சனி
Lucky Numbers1, 5, 6, 9
Lucky GemsBlue Sapphire / நீலக்கல்
Lucky ColourYellow, Blue, Green

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