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Parents who choose to Tamil baby names with meaning their boy and girl choose the name in various ways. Among Hindus, the Tamil baby names is often chosen to start with the first letter of the baby’s nakshatra. Another method is to choose a name as per the numerology of the baby's birth date, or by combining both a name as per the nakshatra but with a name that will give a good number as per numerology when all the letters’ numbers in that name are added up. Parents also give the baby the Tamil name of their family-deity or their favorite deity, or even the modern fashionable boy and girl baby names in Tamil and translating the North Indian baby names to Tamil. Similarly, Muslims and Christians name their babies by the name of their God or with the name of a famous king. Thus, all the parents give importance to choosing a good Tamil name for their baby. Baby Names Tamil website is best designed to help parents select Tamil baby names with meaning as they wish.


About Baby Names Tamil

Numerous Tamil Baby Names for boy and girl babies are given on our baby names Tamil website, with the meaning of the Tamil baby name, nakshatra, and suitable as per numerology. Suggestions for Hindu, Muslim, Christian names for girl and boy babies are also given. Baby Names Tamil website is designed to facilitate searching for Tamil baby names that would give a specific total of the name when written in English. The Names as per the 27 stars are also given for boy and girl babies to choose Tamil names according to the birth star of the baby. It is designed in such a way that one can search for a name beginning with a particular Tamil letter appropriate to the baby’s Nakshatra. Tamil baby names of Hindu Gods like Sri Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Sri Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Lord Ayyappa, Surya, and Chandra are enlisted for boy babies, and names of goddesses like Amman, Lakshmi, and Saraswathi are provided for girl babies. Modern names for boy and girl babies are also given as per numerology and along with the meanings of those names. We believe that parents would choose the best Tamil baby boy and girl names with meaning for their babies.

How to Choose Tamil Baby Name for Boy and Girl?

Each star has four paadhams. Similarly, each paadham is assigned a letter. For example, if a baby is born under kaarthigai nakshatra, and if falling under the first paadham, the first letter of the name should be "a" and hence the baby may be named "ARUNKUMAR".

How to Choose a Lucky Tamil Baby Name as per Numerology?

Just like each nakshatra and paadham have a letter each, the English alphabet also has got a number for each letter. When a child is born on the 17th of the month and under the kaarthigai nakshatra, first paadham the Tamil baby names should be chosen to begin with "A", and the total of the letters of the name chosen should be "8". For example, we can name that baby "S.Amarnath". The name "S.AMARNATH" gives the total "8" as per numerology too. Thus, babies when named by combining their nakshatra and numerology will turn out to be the lucky baby.

Karthigai Nakshatra 1st Paadham Tamil Name First Letter - "அ"
Karthigai Nakshatra 1st Paadham English Name First Letter - "A"
S. அமர்நாத் | Birth Date : 17
314125145 = 26

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